1. Is the SafeWay Driving System online course approved by the State of Texas?
Yes. The Texas Education Agency has approved this course for SafeWay only.
2. Will I be learning the same material in the online course that I would in the classroom?
Yes. The online curriculum is the exact same material taught in our classrooms.
3. How is the online learning experience different from the classroom learning experience?
Taking the course online allows you to learn at your own pace while having access to a top-trained instructor, just as you would in our classroom. The online course can also be accessed 24/7/365, allowing it to fit into your busy schedule.
4. Will I still be equally prepared to start practicing behind the wheel driving?
Yes. This online course is comprised of the same comprehensive, proven curriculum we have taught in our classrooms for over 40 years.
5. Will I still get to drive seven hours and observe seven hours with a SafeWay Driving instructor?
Yes. All of our online packages include driving instruction and observation with one of our top-trained SafeWay Driving instructors.
6. Can I take the online course and still enroll in a SafeWay Preferred Driving package with more driving hours?
Yes. In fact, we strongly encourage students to spend more time in our cars with our top-trained instructors to better prepare for today's Texas roadways.
7. Is there an advantage to taking the course online?
Yes. We understand that students are involved in a variety of organizations and have numerous time commitments. The advantage of our online course is that it can be accessed 24/7/365, allowing it to fit into your busy schedule.
8. Where do I go for technical help regarding the system?
During business hours, system support is available through an online chat feature on the course website. To contact technical support, click on the "Need Help?" icon located in the top right corner of the page. After business hours, you may submit your query as an electronic message through the same application.
9. Where do I go to ask a question about the curriculum?
Instructor support is available through an online chat feature on the course website. To contact an instructor, click the "Need Help?" icon located in the top right corner of the page. After hours, you may submit your query as an electronic message through the same application. The SafeWay Driving Centers online course also provides an online forum for student interaction with instructors and other students.
10. How many hours a day can I work on the online course?
The State of Texas mandates that you may only receive 2 hours of instruction a day.
11. How long will it take me to complete the online course?
You could complete this course in as quickly as 20 days if you elect to work daily and book your drives as soon as you have received your learner's permit. You will have 90 days to complete 32 hours of online instruction and 180 days to complete 14 hours of in-car instruction (7 hours driving/7 hours observation). The State enforces a 2 hour maximum of instruction per day. Completion of the course is dependent on your learning pace and when you schedule your drives.
12. What if I don't pass the test at the end of a session?
The session will need to be repeated and the end of session test re-taken. You cannot advance to the next session until you have earned a passing grade. If you do not pass the final test in Session 16, you must repeat the session until you can successfully pass the test. It is the same in our classrooms.
13. When will I be able to get my learner's permit?
You will take your permit test online after completing Session 3. Upon passing this exam you will receive your certificate in the method you have indicated.
14. How will I acquire the certificate necessary for my learner's permit?
At registration, you selected whether you would prefer to pick up your certificate with a parent or guardian from the SafeWay Driving Center Corporate Office, or if you would like to receive your certificate via Priority Mail. You will receive the permit portion of your DE-964 which you may take to the DPS (please refer to the Permit Checklist to see what other documents DPS will require you to present) to get your permit as long as you are at least 15 years old. Otherwise, you will have to wait until your 15th birthday.
15. When can I begin signing up for drives?
You may begin scheduling your in-car driving lessons as soon as you obtain your learner's permit from the DPS and enter the permit number in your online SafeWay Driver Portal profile page.
16. How do I sign up for drives?
Scheduling Behind the Wheel times is done by you online at safewaystudent.com. This service provides around-the-clock access for viewing your student record and scheduling, canceling and rescheduling Behind the Wheel appointments.
17. How often can I drive?
We require you to leave at least one day between driving lessons in order to practice the skills you learned in your previous driving lesson. Practice is important.
18. How many students are in the car during the driving lesson?
Two students are normally assigned to a car (one is driving and the other is observing). Sometimes there will be only one, and occasionally there will be three, but the third will be observing only.
19. What do I need to bring to a drive?
You must bring a valid learner's permit and wear your contacts or glasses (if you have been prescribed them).
20. What should I wear to a drive?
Dress like you are going to school. We do allow shorts but no tank tops and absolutely no flip-flop sandals or other shoes we determine could be a hazard to your driving safety. Athletes, please shower if you are coming straight from practice.
21. What if I forget to bring my valid learner's permit to my scheduled driving appointment?
It is illegal for you to drive without a valid learner's permit. Showing up to your scheduled driving appointment without a valid learner's permit will result in a $75 no-show fee. To avoid this fee, you may observe for the first hour (if there is another student scheduled to drive) and drive for the second hour if someone can bring your valid permit to the location from which your drive originated before the second hour of the driving appointment.
22. What if I need to cancel a scheduled driving appointment?
You are responsible for canceling your driving appointments online in your driver portal at least 24 hours before the scheduled driving appointment. Failure to cancel 24 hours prior to a scheduled drive time will result in a $75 late cancellation fee. Emails, phone calls and messages will not be accepted as a valid Behind the Wheel appointment cancellation. Sorry, but there are no exceptions.
23. How much is the no-show / late cancellation fee?
$75 per lesson. You must pay the fee prior to booking any additional lessons.
24. Why do I need an extra lesson?
Not all students progress at the same rate. Seven hours behind the wheel driving is the absolute minimum required by the State and many students require more time than this to build their skills and confidence. If you purchase the State Minimum package, know that we may require you to take extra lessons in order to pass our course. We will not pass you until we believe you are ready for today's roads. It is the professional opinion of SafeWay Driving Centers you should drive a minimum of 10 hours Behind the Wheel with our instructors and preferably 20 before you ever get your license and freedom to drive alone on today's roads.
25. How much does an extra lesson cost?
An extra lesson is $100 for two hours (driving/observation).
26. Do we still have to drive in bad weather?
Yes, we will drive in the rain and other inclement weather as we feel this is good practice for the students. If the weather has advanced to a level that we feel is unsafe to drive, we will notify you that we are canceling any drives. This is our right of decision and notification. If you make the decision you are not going to drive but we are driving that day, you will be charged a no-show fee. There are no exceptions.
27. What if I am moving and need to complete my drives elsewhere?
You may request a transfer if you need to complete your drives at another school.
28. How do I request a transfer to another school?
All transfer requests must be made in writing and sent to our Corporate Office at SafeWay Driving Centers, Inc. at 9319 Katy Freeway Houston, TX 77024.
29. Do you offer a refund if I complete my drives elsewhere?
No, but please see our Refund Policy on your contract or in our Terms and Conditions to understand the details.
30. What happens if I miss either of my deadlines through no fault of my own?
The 90 day online/classroom deadline and 180 day initial seven hour in-car deadline must be enforced. The long deadlines are more than enough time for anyone to complete the required work. You may extend a deadline 90 days for $150 if you do so before the deadline date. After that date you will be required to re-contract at the original contract price. Again, there are no exceptions.
31. How will I acquire the certificate necessary for my driver's license?
Your DE-964 will be issued once all course requirements have been met successfully (online and in-car). When you registered for the course, you selected whether you would prefer to pick up your certificate with a parent or guardian from the SafeWay Driving Center Corporate Office, or if you would like to receive your certificate via Priority Mail.
32. How long must I hold my permit before I am eligible for a license?
You must hold your permit for at least six months, be 16, and have passed an approved driver education course before you are eligible to obtain your driver's license.
33. What do I need to bring to the DPS to get my license?
Refer to the Teen Driving Checklist on our website or visit www.txdps.state.tx.us/DriverLicense/teenDriver.htm for a list of documents required by DPS.
34. What is the 20-hour "No Tears, More Years" Parent Log?
The State of Texas requires all teens, in addition to completing an approved driver education course, to log at least 20 hours of practice (at least ten of which must be at night) with their parent, guardian, or a licensed instructor. The Parent Log lists all of the lesson points that must be practiced. You can find the Parent Log at 20hrbtwInstructionLog.pdf . SafeWay offers advanced packages whereby you may purchase 10 or 20 additional (loggable) hours of advanced driving that satisfy the State requirements and provide you additional practice with a professional instructor.
35. Does SafeWay Driving Centers offer driving packages that fulfill the 20-hour "No Tears, More Years" Parent Log?
Yes. SafeWay offers three advanced driving packages. The SafeWay Basic completes 3 hours of the Parental Driving Requirements. The SafeWay Preferred Package completes half of the Parental Driving Requirements and the SafeWay Preferred PLUS Package meets the full Parental Driving Requirements.
36. I have lost or damaged the original certificate of completion (DE-964). How do I get a new one?
We can issue you a duplicate certificate of completion (DE-964) for $25 plus the cost of a Priority Mailing fee if you choose to have it mailed. You must call our offices to request a copy of your DE-964.
37. Am I required to take a test at the DPS?
Yes. The State of Texas currently requires that all driver license applicants take a driving test with a DPS Official after completing an approved driver education course. You will not be required to take a written test at the DPS because you have already done so in your SafeWay Driving Centers course.
38. Can I take this course if I live outside of the greater Houston area?
Yes. Any student that resides in the State of Texas is eligible to take our course. If you are not located near a SafeWay Driving Center then you will need to request a transfer to take your required drives elsewhere.
39. Can I take the online course and still contract for SafeWay's Valet Service so that my parents do not have to take me to the
school for my drives.
Yes, as long as you live within 5 miles of a SafeWay Driving Center. Our Valet Service provides for pick-up and drop-off at your home upon parental approval and payment of the service.
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