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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 11:31:05 -0800 (PST)
From: milo emit
Subject: Sherry and Her Brother (bi adult youth) One evening after work I came through the back door and came face to
face with this short skinny kid with the biggest black eye I have ever
seen. If it hadn't been for her long brown hair I would have though she
was a boy. She was way too skinny and the black eye was the cutest thing
on her. She wore a short summer dress with a pair of tight jeans under it.
She introduced herself and said she was going to be living with us young laungera models
awhile. I extended my arms teen model management
to hug her and she flinched then hugged me
back. I had comparmental model
to stoop down to hug her. She melted in my arms and started
to cry. She couldn't stand so I picked her up and carried her to my big
chair. When I sat down she fell right to sleep. I don't think she weighed
60 pounds. I could feel every bone in her body. I was filled in on her
condition while she slept. Her mom had left and her dad had abused her.
Her dad was picked up on top fifty photomodel
drunk driving and she was taken away. She had an
older brother 18 that lived on his own and another older brother 11 that
was living in another home near by. Although she looked a mess she looked clean and her hair was well
kept. Her hair was down over her shoulders and found out later she spent a
lot of time brushing it when she was confined to her room. I took her to
her new room and laid her on the bed. She still slept. I proceeded to
undress her. I slipped her dress off her shoulders and down off her legs.
She had two tee shirts on. When I removed them I could count her ribs and
her stomach was sunken to her back bone. If she had a teen good models
little meat on her,
her little breast might have a little definition to them. I started to
remove her jeans and realized she had two zoey model naked
pairs on. That's why they looked
so tight. She had two pairs of socks on also. As I removed models teen pre
her jeans she
wore no underwear. What a sight, this little nine year old girl was. Her
pelvis was sunken into her hip bones. Her play boy models
little prteen models galeri
pussy was flat and the
lips barely puffed out. Her legs were fairly muscular but not a lot of
meat on them. Then that black eye. It covered half the left side of her
face. I ran my hand all over her necked body. Her body quivered slightly
as I touched her. I could feel goose bumps form as I rubbed between her
legs. I spread them slightly and opened up her vagina with my thumbs. She
didn't look abused down there. I didn't see any hymen, but her opening
didn't look stretched or torn. I covered her up and left a small light on
in her room. I learned her father had estes model rockets
come home drunk, beaten up her middle
brother and when she tried to stop him she got slugged in the eye. Her eye
was really blood shot and closed from the swelling. Right after that he
was picked up for drunk driving and wrecking his car. I guess the brother
was in the hospital. All this had just happened right before I got home
from work. She was given to us because they could think of no one else
near by to take her. She was our first girl. All the cloths she had were
on her back. She had put on what she could. She didn't own any underwear
worth keeping. The next day she asks who had undressed her. I told her I
did. She blushed and gave me a nervous smile. We took her to town and
bought her all new cloths. We let her pick out most everything; she was a
lot more conservative than I was. I pree model
helped her find the kind of underwear
she wanted. She teen nudist models
first looked at some nice little thing, but went to the
standard cotton. I got her both. She seemed tired all the time at first.
Over the next couple days she told us she could never sleep when her dad
was home and slept with her brother. Her dad seemed to leave him alone if
she slept with him. She soon found out at night most of us boys just laid around in our
underwear after showers. It didn't seem to bother her. She didn't have a
gown or PJ's to wear so ask me if I had a tee shirt she could wear. I had
a new one for I never wore tee shirts. She wore her skimpy bright colored
underwear under the tee shirt. If my lap wasn't taken she would be sitting
on sweet models archive
my lap where she usually fell asleep. It was hard not to get an
erection when she squirmed around in my lap. If it was cool she would
cover us with a blanket. I would take the opportunity to rub her smooth
legs up to her little panties. If she noticed my dick getting hard and lay
along her little ass crack she never let on she knew. She didn't eat much,
but she ate all the time. Her eye started to look better and her face
started to fill out. She no longer looked so bad. In fact she was
becoming a fairly cute little girl. About a week after she came I once again carried her to bed when she
fell asleep in my lap. I laid her on model child nicky
the bed and covered her up. She
rolled over onto her stomach and whispered to rub her back. I had a raging
hard on and had to piss, so I said I'll be right back explaining I had to
use the bathroom. After going to the bathroom my hard on had shrunk. I
came back to her bed thinking she had probably gone to sleep. young model sandra
As I kneeled
next to the bed she turned her head and smiled at me. I pulled the cover
half way down her back. She had removed the tee shirt. young model pose
Her body was
starting to fill out some. I lightly ran my fingers over her back. Her
body tensed and wiggled. She said that tickles, but didn't ask me to stop.
My whole hand would cover her shoulders and half her back. I rubbed gently
and african pantyhose models
lightly. She almost purred. I moved to her lower back pulling the
covers as I went. I noticed she hadn't just removed her tee shirt but her
panties also. Her pure white little butt shown in the dark. I pulled the
covers all the way off and she kicked them off her feet. bella teenage model
She turned her
face away nn childs models
as I started to rub further down her back and over her little
ass. Her little ass rose up into two little soft globes. I could cover
them completely with my hand. Her little butt was warm and pliable until
she tightened them up. Then they became rock hard with two huge dimples in
them. I gently rubbed her whole body from head to foot. I kneeled over
her on the bed and continued to rub. I moved down over her butt then
opened those little cheeks. Her crack was not very deep. She tensed at
first then relaxed. She had a slight whimper to her breathing. I checked
out her opening with my finger. It was just a slightly wrinkled dot just
above the beginning of her little pussy. I also noticed her little pussy
was starting to fill out. My dick was ready to rip out of my underwear. I released her butt cheeks and went back rubbing her. As more of a
statement than a question, I said no one has hurt your back there. What a
shock when she rolled over. My hands were now on her chest and sides. I
was still kiddy nude models
kneeling over her legs. She moved to get more comfortable then
said, Oh that's why you looked at my ass hole. She didn't seem shy of that
word and I figured she must use it at home all the time. I just giggled
and said that's right. I soon found out, ass hole, was her favorite
expression. When she use it playfully it was sort of cute, but I cautioned
her not to use it in public. I don't think she noticed my hard dick yet so
I got off the bed and kneeled on the floor. She though I was leaving and
said aren't you going to rub my front. I just smiled and started to rub
her chest. She closed her eyes and smiled. Her stomach was still sunken
to her back bone, but her little titties were starting to show.
With a feathery touched I rubbed her stomach and chest. I rubbed all
around her chest and neck. I went down as far as her pubic bone, but
didn't touch her little pussy. I could tell she was aroused because I
watched her pussy swell and become more defined as I rubbed her. After a
few minutes she put her hand on the top of mine. Her fingers could barely
grip the back of my hand. She held my hand, her eyes were still closed.
She slowly pushed my hand lower until my finger touched the thin little
crack mature models pics
of her mound. She said you can rub me there if you want. I kindersex model
moved my
hand down a little lower allowing my middle finger to rub over her clit.
It was a lot larger than I expected and was swollen and throbbed as I ran
my finger over alize models pictures
it. Sherry took in a big breath and arched her back forcing
her little cunt against my finger. I kept moving my finger down to her
opening. The tip of my finger covered it completely. She was wet put not
very. I wiggled my finger around her little opening like I was going to
push it in. I ask if anyone ever put anything in you here and pressed a
little harder. The pressure caused her to take a deep breath then said my
brother. Her back was still arched in the air. When I didn't move for a
moment she relaxed back down. I said what did he put in asina nude models
you. She said his
dick. I said which brother? beeman model c1
Her eyes popped open and said not my big
brother he's too big. xxx models russia
I said your other brother must be fairly big also.
She said he isn't as big as you finger. She said if you going to put your
finger in me, you better get something to make it wet. I said I'll be
right back and went to retrieve the KY. She had her legs spread and knees up when I returned. nn top100 models
I crawled on
the bed with her, lying on my side facing her. I ran my hand over the back
of her legs. I squirted KY on my middle finger and naked teens modeling
put it to her hole.
Her little opening was pulsing when I touched it. I felt a drop of moisture
and smeared it around mixing it with the KY. I straightened my finger and
pushed the tip into her. Her mouth fell open and her little butt came off
the bed. She started to pant as I slowly pushed deeper. She started to
make little moaning sounds until I had my whole finger into her. My finger
looked about the right size for her. When I was finished pushing into her
she settled back down then said, your finger is longer and fatter than my
brother's cock. I sort of giggled at her language. She used it so
naturally. I would have to caution her to be careful where she used it. I
held my finger deep into her and after a moment she relaxed and her little
butt settled back to the bed. Her breath was ragged and fast. I ask if
she liked her brother doing it to her. She said sometimes but most of the
time he just does it then rolls over and goes to sleep. I ask if he ever
forces her and she said sometimes. I brought my free hand to her stomach and slowly rubbed down till I
found her clit. It was slick with her moisture and sveba model
KY. I made little
circles around it with a slight pressure. Her body became animated. I
started to ease my finger out and back in. Her orifice was on fire. It
was extremely tight on my finger. It pulsed and pulled on my finger while
the whole while she griped the sheets like she was going to tear them off
the bed. Her teeth were clenched and her head tilted back. child model universe
She kept
hunching her little ass off the bed. I eased my finger almost all the way
out then shoved it back in grinding it deep while rubbing circles on her
clit. Her body went ridged and her legs went straight into the air. For a
moment she had forgotten to breath then a little girl whine came out of her
throat then she flopped limply on the bed. I thought I had killed her if
it wasn't for her panting and gasping for air. I keep my finger deep in
her but stopped rubbing her clit. Her hot little hole was throbbing like
mad. Her juices soaked my hand. The smell of her little girl sex filled
the air. All petite models information
this time I had kept from blowing a load in my pants. Finely
her little cunt stopped throbbing and relaxed around my finger. Pulling my
finger out causing a wave of shivers to pass through her body. I ask if
she ever got the feeling like that before. She said never like that. I
said you brother never made you get the feeling when he played with you modeltelanjangindonesia
she said no. I said he should have. I covered us up with a cover. She rolled onto her side, back toward
me and went into a fetal position with her arms around her knees pushing
her back and little bottom into me. She was instantly asleep. As I said
somehow I had kept from blowing a load in my underwear. Now all I could
think of was beach model nude
getting off. I pulled down my underwear enough to let my dick
and balls hand out. I scooted up enough so panty less models
my ukrainian model tgp
dick would lay along the
crack of her ass with my big leaking head against her hot opening. I know
it wouldn't take much to fire a big load all over her bottom. I gave her
about ten minutes the make sure she was sound asleep then started to rub my
dick over her ass pushing the swollen head between her legs along the svetlanna supermodel
groove of her pussy. I had to stop and look for young modells pic
something black sex models
to cum into then
had an idea I always wanted to try. I removed the cover on my side enough
to see he rear end and noticed her little pussy opening was right there. I
shifted around so my dick was pointing right at the little hole. russian model pics
The tip
of my dick japanesse nude models
head touched her opening and I knew I wasn't going to last long.
I figured if I applied enough pressure I could blow my load right into her
and there wouldn't be a mess to clean up. I didn't care anyway, what I was
doing was so intense I didn't care where my cum went. I could feel her heart beat and the heat radiate from her. I applied
enough pressure to feel my dick head try to gain entry. Her young pussy
lips were stretched over half of my throbbing head. My dick look three
times as large as it was poking into her this way. She was so slick I was
surprised when about half of my head did penetrate. That was all I needed.
I climax shooting my sticky load into her young cunt. I tried not to hump
her but failed. At one point I thought the head of my dick went fully into
her just as I shot my last. I felt her tight ring tug at the flare as I
pulled back out, but though for sure I was imagining it because of the
intense pleasure. She had to be too small for my head to gain entry. Just
knowing my adult dick was touching such a young girl was enough to bring me
to a powerful climax. I was dizzy and panting. I had to control myself to
keep from waking her and if she was awake not to scare her. She never woke
I wiped what teen modeling programs
little cum was on her pussy, covered her back up and left the
room. The next morning belly model
she came and sat on my lap. I was dressed but she
only had her panties on. I ask if she was all right and if she was a
little sore. She said no, but she sure did make a mess. I kind of giggled
to myself and ask what kind of a mess. She amateur texas model
said she woke up all sticky
between her legs. She gave me a big hug and said nothing more nude italian models
so I didn't
add anything either. Two nights later the same thing happened. I brought
her to german child models
a gigantic climax. When she went to sleep I rolled her gently onto
her side and rubbed my dick on her pussy. I moved my head over her pussy
and found her slick little opening, only this time I know my head went all
the way in. Just as the muscled ring gripped nude model photographs
me around the shaft I shot
another load into her hot body. I waited for my dick to soften some before
pulling out. She never said a thing the next morning. This went on a couple nights a week for the next couple of weeks.
Each time my dick head slipped in easier, but she was too tight to push
anymore into her. Her climaxes were always very powerful but nothing like
the first time. After a couple of week she rolled to face me right after
having another great climax from my finger. She was just starting to
breath slower and had a big smile on her face. Her hand inched down my
belly till it rested at the waist band of my underwear. I just smiled back
at her. Her hand started to tug at the waist band and I helped her pull my
briefs down past my balls. She never said anything but I could tell she
was mesmerized by the size. Her little hand wrapped around the shaft. She
moved my hard dick all around inspecting it all over. I told her to move
her hand up and down over the shaft. It took about three pumps and I was
unloading all over her stomach and pussy. Her hand never left my dick, but
she stopped stroking. I didn't care, she had done well enough. When I
opened up my eyes and looked at her I could tell she was really worried
about the mess. I said don't worry that is suppose to happen. When a boy
pushed his dick all the way into a girl it causes this stuff to shoot out
and make her pregnant. She said is that cum? I said yes. She said am I
going to get pregnant and I said no way. I had an operation so I couldn't
make babies. She got a big smile on her face. I cleaned us up and rubbed
her back till she went to sleep. That weekend her brother showed up for a visit. He wasn't much bigger
than his sister. He seemed like a pleasant enough kid, but he had a wild
look in his eyes. He said he was all healed but his ribs were still sore
where his dad had kicked him. He and his sister went out to play. He was
probably an inch taller and they look like twins. I noticed they went into
the tent by the woods in the back yard and decided to go see what they were
doing. When I got there he was totally necked and had his sister's shorts
and panties down dangling on one leg. She was struggling to get away
telling him to stop that she didn't feel like doing it. He was going to
have his way. I noticed a little baggy full of a thick cream next to them.
I porn teen models
figured at least he had made himself slick before putting it in her. He
was about ready to plunge home when I crawled into the tent grabbing his
skinny hips and holding him in place. I said don't move and you won't get
into trouble. Sherry had seen me come into the tent and stopped
struggling. As soon as I grabbed her brother's hips she gay asian model
forced herself out
from under him. He struggled at first, but I told him to hold still and he
wouldn't be in any trouble. amateur model directory
I was very forceful with him. He stopped
struggling and asks what I was going to do. He voice was struggling not blade helicopter models
cry. I said just don't move and relax. He wasn't in any trouble and I
wouldn't hurt him. His body relaxed and his ass was jutting in the air
while the rest of him was lying on the mat floor of the tent. I told Sherry to go to the house that I was going to talk to her
brother and he would never force her again. When she left katya ls model
I released he
skinny hips and rested back on my haunches. He asks if he could move and I
said no. In this position his ass hole was exposed. It didn't look all
that small, but it didn't look used either. I kneeled behind him and
worked my shorts down past my balls. I grabbed the little baggy and
squeezed the remainder of the goo over my dick head and shaft. While
holding his hip with one hand I smeared the lubricant over my dick then put
the head against his young opening. It took very little pressure for the
head to slip completely into him. Up to this point he didn't have a clue
of what I was doing. I think he though he was going to get a paddling.
His mouth came open and he gasped for air. alexander ship model
He tried to lift his head and
look back to see what was happening to him. I hissed at him to lay still.
He was almost male model porn
crying when he ask what I was going to do to him. I said
relax, I'm doing the same thing to you that you were going to do to your
sister without giving her a choice. I laid over him wrapping one arm around his chest while finding a very
hard dick with the other. It was still slick from the lubricant. I gave
it a gentle pump then ran my thumb over the australian models nude
circumcised head. His body was
tense from the penetration, but what I just did made him shudder and tense
even more. I said never force you sister again. Give her a choice and
obey that choice. Then you be gentle and make her feel good at the same
time. I said now I'm giving you a choice. You can tell me bella teen model
to stop and pull
out and I will, or you can let me continue and you can find out if you like
what I'm doing. I'll go real slow and be very gently and will stop anytime
you say. I was still gently stroking his throbbing little dick. His
sister was right it was about the same size of my middle finger. He tenny models pics
say anything for a couple minutes then when he did say something I couldn't
understand what he said. I said I didn't hear you? He repeated himself a
little louder and I still barely heard him. He said keep going. I said
you want me to keep going? He said yes but stop if I say so. I promised I
would. I said I was sorry if I had hurt him. pree teen modelst
He said it only burned a
little when it first went in, but how it was alright. His little hole had a
death grip on my shaft. I pushed and felt the tight ring slowly jojo nonude model
creep down
my shaft. I kept working my thumb and two fingers up and down his dick.
Hopefully slow enough to keep him from cumin. With less than two inches to
go he tried to hunched away from me and made an almost silent grunt. I
said too deep shocking teens model
and he said no your squeezing to tight, my ribs are still
sore. I hadn't realized how tightly I was holding him. The pleasure was
so intense I had forgotten about his sore body. I eased up and ask if I
could go deeper. He repositioned himself so he could look back between his
legs. He said you're not all the way in yet? I just held him and gently
pushed the remainder into him and said now I am. His young rectum gripped
me tightly while his opening throbbed around the base of my dick. I
started to pump his dick and he climaxed almost right away. His whole body jerk through his climax but he held his position. I
even noticed he shot a little clear cum over my fingers. When his dick
stopped bald women models
throbbing it started to deflate instantly. He said you can quite
anytime now. I said I'm not quite finished yet. I held his sensitive dick
in my hand and kneeled up behind him. I gently rubbed his back and all of
his body that I could reach. I said you just don't get your feeling and
quite. You have to let the other busty jasmine model
person cum also. I said don't be in a
hurry. Relax and enjoy and it will be more fun next time. I brazilian gay model
kept rubbing
and he slowly relaxed. I started to stroke him again and he got hard, but
not totally hard. I ask if he felt better now and he said he liked his
back rubbed. I let loose of his dick and took both hands to his back. He
sort of hummed as I rubbed his young smooth skin. He still had a few welts
where his dad had beat him, but in time and a little sun they would go
away. I started to ease my dick in and out of him till I shot my load.
When my dick swelled in him it forced a grunt out of him each time. calinda teen model
I held
him close as I shot deep into him. I panted into his head and neck till I
calmed down. I rolled to my side and onto my back bring him with me. I
didn't come all the way out and held him tight till I was too soft to petite models newsgroup
in his tight little body. When I slipped out he got up and sat on my soft
dick pacing me. I rubbed his stomach. He stretched back out and lay on
top of me. chinas playboy modelds
He wrapped his arms around me as I did teen models factory
swimwear model teen
him. I said I bet no
one ever hugged you. He said just his sister at night when dad was home.
I said I would hold and hug him anytime he wanted. bikinis models abs
We slowly disengaged and got dressed. I had my arm draped around
his shoulders as we walked back bobbie model nn
to the house. I ask if anyone ever did
what I did models young teens
to him and he said no. I ask if he was sorry I did it to him.
He said he was a little scared at first and surprised I did it but it was
alright. I ask if he would come back sometime. young seductive models
He looked at me with a big
smile and said really, sure! All at once he bolted away from me. He
hollered back wanting to know where the bathroom was. He grabbed his ass
as he ran through the back door. I yelled back directions to the toilet.
He never forced his sister again. In fact when he visited he would rather
spend time with me than her. Sherry had come to us in the summer. One cool September evening she
was sitting on my sex petit model
lap me in my under wear and her just in a tee shirt. She
covered us with a light blanket. She had been with us around six weeks
now. She was eating well and filled out in all the right places, but I
don't think she had gained much weight. photomodel teen
She had just turned ten and I had
a big party for her. She invited a lot of her friends. One Friday night, after everyone was either visiting friends or gone
to bed. We sat watching some movie when she started to squirm around on
me. She looked over her shoulder and grinned at me as she slowly reached
between our legs finding my limp dick. I was now use to her antics on my
lap and rarely got hard. She reached under the loose leg opening pulling
my rapidly expanding cock and balls free from my underwear. She moved up
till about half my dick laid along her hot swollen pussy closed her legs
crossing them squeezing my dick as hard as she could. I said ls models nudes
that really
fells good. She kept running a finger nn model asian
around the exposed head causing it
to throb. I could feel the heat from her pussy. I could also tell she was
getting very wet. Over the past few weeks I didn't need lubricant to
penetrate her. Our natural juices were more than enough. I still believed
she was asleep when I got my rocks off in her. After a few minutes she had
me scoot down a little in the chair. She moved up my body slightly all the
time holding my dick against the crease of her pussy with one hand. When
she moved enough nasty teen models
for the head of my dick to poke at her opening she pushed
down enough for my engorged head to slip into her. She was still tight as
ever. I figured she had been awake the last few time I did this to her. I
felt like I was in something very small and tight. Her soft hot flesh
wrapped around my head in a tight warm chamber. Her muscles would throb
and massage me, but the head felt taiwan teen model
like it was bottomed out. I opened my legs and she removed her hand supporting herself on my
thighs. I started to wrap my arms around her to help support her and hold
her little body closer to me. Before I got my arms around her she tried metal airplane models
take more of my big dick. She pushed hard then jerked up and off of me.
She was holding her mound standing in front of me. She looked at me teenage model galleries
seemed like she was about to cry. I said I'm so sorry, but you're not big
enough to take anymore. I held my arms out and she jumped back on my lap
wrapping her arms around my neck and started model sexy indonesia
sobbing. I held her close and
ask how bad it hurt. She said kind of bad but it was OK now. She calmed
down then leaned away enough to look at me. She asks how I had gotten it
all the real nude models
way in her if she was too small. I said I never put it in all the
way. She said you had to, to make the cum to come out. I said it doesn't
have to go all the way in to shoot. tori model webe
She got a puzzled look on her face and
said it doesn't? I pretee 3d models
said how long you have known I've been shooting my
stuff in you. She said not till she made me cum all over us that one
night. She said she though I was doing it to webmodel nonude
her after she went to sleep.
She said her pussy always felt funny in the morning and was all sticky.
She wanted to know how often I did it and was surprised when I told
her. She said after she seen me cum she didn't worry about the sticky
stuff. I had forgotten I had told her my dick had to be all the way in to
shoot. I pulled her to me with one arm lifting her with the other holding her
little bottom. I was able to hold her little ass and still push a finger
between her legs enough to guide my dick to her opening. I held her tight
and humped up enough to push my dick head into her. She was still tight
and I had to wiggle my dick to penetrate until the tight little opening
snapped around the shaft just behind the head. She supported her self on
my shoulders and I helped to hold her still. She looked at me and smiled.
I said japanese porn models
I have never put more that what is in you now and it took several
time to go this far. I said rock up and down on it but don't go any
further or it will really hurt and maybe damage you inside. She started
little hunching movements. indian models nude
Then she reached between us grabbing my dick at
the junction. This helped her to move better. After a little bit the head
was actually starting to slip out a little before she would push it back
in. She got a real strained look on her face. She bit her lower lip. I
ask if it was feeling good. She just nodded. I ask if she was getting the
feeling. She said almost then looked at me. I said I'm almost there also
and closed my eyes because I was closer than I though. She really started
to hump up and down but her tight fist around my shaft prevented me from
going deeper. When she stiffened up and florida sun models
started to make little mewing
sounds I knew she was climaxing. The envelope around my sensitive head
became even tighter then her muscles started to throb and it felt like she
was milking me. I grabbed her little ass with both hands and started to
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around on me and I think she had extended her climax or had another. She
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