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Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 16:23:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: adm2780
Subject: Second Time Around Ch Thirty-EightAll rights reserved. Other than downloading one copy for personal
enjoyment, no part of this story may be reproduced or little prepubescent
transmitted by any
means, except for reviews, without the written permission of the author.
As in real life, the sexual themes unfold gradually and are kept to a
realistic level. If you are looking for sex on every page, then this is
not the story for you. Comments on the story are appreciated and may be
addressed to little child incest
the author, Dwight Wilson, at adm2780yahoo.comThis story contains descriptions of consensual sexual contact between
males, adult and minor. As such it is homoerotic, designed for the
entertainment of mature adults. If little lesbos
you are not of legal age to read such
material, or if the subject matter would create irresolvable personal moral
dilemmas, then little xxx land
why are you here?NOTE: Special thanks to Matthew for his free little pics
time and efforts proof reading and
editing the chapters. Matthew just posted a new short story that is
actually an observation and appreciation of one of the finest things we
have. Look under adult/youth for "The Best Design Of All".
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Second Time AroundSixteen years worth of training and experience had taught me to sleep
through almost anything. I have to say almost anything because the one
thing that would wake me is the sound of my sons. Usually, particularly on
weekends, I would hear them arguing over the remote and what cartoons they
would watch until their mother or I got up. However, my sons were
teenagers now and, as far as I knew, they no longer watched cartoons on
weekends. That knowledge, plus the noise they were making, didn't alarm
me, but it did make me curious. Looking out the window, I could tell it
was daybreak, but the sun wasn't up. Why were the boys up?I continued to lay in bed and listen, relaxing when I recognized the silly
laughs of teen boys acting half their ages. Every few moments I could hear
one of them say something or holler, but I couldn't make out enough know
what was going on. Soon, though, I did realize that the sounds didn't
appear to be coming from the direction of their bedrooms. Slipping out of
bed, careful not to disturb David, I quietly walked out of my bedroom to
investigate.The boys were not only not in their bedrooms, they were not in the house.
When I stepped into the family room I could see the boys out by innocent little prettens
the pool;
by it and in it. They were chasing one another around the pool, angry little girls
onto the diving board and not being too careful to avoid the belly flops.
When one boy got out of the pool there would be another to push him right
back in. All six boys were out there, all six in their natural state of
dress, and all six acting like little kids having a great time.Rather than disturb the boys, I decided to just relax inside and watch
them. I was getting as much pleasure out of watching them horse around as
they were having horsing around. The boys were getting old enough that I
could appreciate the fact that there may not be too many more opportunities
such as this. I didn't want to waste the chance. While I watched them, I
heard the coffee pot come on. Looking at the clock, I could tell it had
come on at little teeny tits
the customary time when I had to get ready for work; someone
forgot to turn it off. Soon, I was surprised when a hand, holding a
steaming cup of coffee, appeared in front of me."I thought I left you sleeping?""You did, for little free nude
the most part. I knew you got up and when you didn't come
back to keep me warm, I decided to find out why."David leaned towards me and we kissed. rape little kids
It wasn't a deep, lusty kiss. lsm little girls
was little girl animation
a kiss of two people who care for one another and enjoyed reminding
each very little porn
other of that simple fact regularly."What are they doing?" David asked as he turned to watch the boys."Acting like boys and having fun," I answered. "I don't know why they got
up so early, but I heard them fooling around and decided to check for
myself. I've just been standing here, watching and enjoying. I thought
about pulling out the video but I don't think there's enough
light. Besides, if they knew we were watching them, it would change
everything. Right now, they're just six boys acting like six care-free
kids. That's what I want to remember."We stood there a few more minutes without saying anything. David stepped
near me and I reached an arm around his waist. Without making the
conscious choice, I pulled him in front of me and wrapped my arms around
him. The warmth of his body felt nice; his scent was intoxicating. We
enjoyed standing there like that. It wasn't anything sexual; it was
deeper. You feel a relaxation and peace when holding someone that means
everything to you; the sight of the boys playing, family the way little kds links
it should
be, just enhanced the moment. Michael broke the moment.Mike got out of the pool with Craig chasing him. Brian got out on the
other side of the pool to cut Mike off. They were all laughing, including
the other little slutty girls
three try little sex
who appeared to know what was said or done to set this
little scene off. Mike stopped and began doing some hip thrusts. First at
Craig, and then at Brian, or vice-versa; at the twins anyway. Then he put
both hands behind his head and thrust his whole package at the twins. What
could I say? I doubted seriously that Mike would ever be accused of being
overly cultured."What is he up to?" I asked."Shhhh, just watch. The three of them were evidently fooling around in the
pool and it looks like Mike was either dared to do something or he said he
was going to do something the others didn't care for. Watch Mike; better
yet, watch Little Mikey."Little Mikey appeared to be growing when Michael reached down and began to
stroke himself. He started pumping up and down like he was going to either
sprain Little Mikey or break it off."STOP HIM!" one of the other boys yelled. I think it was Eric. "Don't little lola tgp
him spunk our pool!"The twins quickly moved in on either side of Mike with Sean behind Mike.
With two holding, Mike struggling, but Sean pushing, Mike was soon
underwater. He came up hollering with the others laughing. When Mike got
out of the pool, Little Mikey was just hanging.David and I stood inside, laughing. David shook his head and turned to me."I don't think I can stand here and watch this anymore. If I know those
boys like I think I do, they'll be in here soon looking for something to
eat. Maybe we should get started with breakfast." It was a statement, not
a question. He gave me a light kiss as he turned towards the kitchen. innocent little girl
little suzy lure
swatted him on the butt as he walked off."If you don't mind," David started as he opened the refrigerator, "I'd like
to fix the boys some of my special French toast. I usually serve it with
some fresh fruit and bacon. Think the boys'll mind?""I think the biggest problem you'll have is making enough. My boys love
French toast, especially when Mother prepares it for them. I've never been
able to come up to the standard, if you know what I mean?" littlegirls nude
David just
smiled."Well, I have a feeling this will be just a little different then your
mother's. It looks like we have plenty of oranges and grapefruit. Suppose
you start peeling the fruit and we'll let the bacon thaw a little while I
mix up some special dip."At first, I didn't see anything quite so special about the dip David was
making. He used eggs, milk, salt, pepper, and then added some vanilla
extract; so far, standard fair. After he set up the grill, I saw the big
difference."The trick behind my French toast and standard fair is the bread I use,
cinnamon raison, Pepperidge Farms brand preferred. I picked it up on the
way in." He looked at me and smiled."Okay, I'll admit it. I've never had French toast little twinks
made with cinnamon
raison bread. Hope that doesn't qualify me as little thai teens
totally backwards. Is that
the only difference?" The look he gave me said I had to wait to find out
the rest.While David did his magic on little bang
the food, I took care of what was important to
me and poured myself another cup of coffee. I little pet shop
could peel and slice fruit
and enjoy a little 'starter fluid' at the same time. David didn't say much
more, he just kept moving. Bread was dipped and dropped on the grill.
While that cooked he was placing bacon on a tray for the microwave. I was
standing there smiling to myself while I thought about Michael's reaction
to all this. He was going to die when he spotted all these calories."Since the boys nude little tgp
seem to be occupied outside, think we should serve
breakfast on the patio, buffet style?""Sounds good, no sense in letting them get the house wet. Is the toast
ready?""Almost, I just need to put on the toppings."I turned around to watch what he was doing. To each slice he added a small
patty of butter. Then the surprise came. We always used pancake syrup.
David drizzled each slice with a little raw honey and then a light, light
sprinkling of powdered sugar. These kids were going to be totally hyper
after all this. I picked up some plates to take outside, and when I saw
the boys, stopped dead in my tracks."David, look at this; you won't little boys erections
believe it."I set the plates down and reached for my video camera. David started
laughing while he watched Michael and the twins. Eric stood off to the
side drooling. little girl porns
The three boys stood side by side, their arms around one
another's shoulders. They were bent over at an almost forty-five degree
angle rocking from side to side. It was obvious what they wanted to swing
in unison."God, Rick, these kids are priceless.""No they're not," I answered, smiling, "how much would you charge me to
take them?"When we walked outside, the three boys stopped their little game and looked
up at David and me; they were blushing. I didn't say anything, but my
little smile let them know that I had seen them."Hey, little nympho
food!" Eric and Frank screamed almost simultaneously."Guys, would one of you care to explain that little game you were just
playing?" I asked and watched the twins' little yuong teen
faces turn crimson. Not Michael."We was just playin', Dad," Mike answered as though it should have been
obvious. "You heard of the three little brown jug
Muskateers? We was gonna be the Three
Swingin' Dicks." He was grinning from ear to ear."I don't know 'bout the swingin'," Frank interjected, "but I'll vouch for
the 'dicks' part.""Alright, that's enough. No picking or fighting. Remember, we're having
company this afternoon for the cookout. You guys need to clean this patio
off and make sure all the chairs and tables are set up."Nothing more was said outside of how great David's French toast was. I
didn't hear the first word on the fruit and bacon, after all the hard work
I put in. Of course, I'm the parent; why should I expect compliments? As
we neared the end of the meal, another thought occurred to me."How come you guys are out here so early? Usually, you head to your rooms
and we hear noise for a while and you sleep late.""We decided we were tired after you worked our asses off yesterday. We
reversed everything," Frank answered with that mischievous grin of his.
"We went to sleep early and decided to get up early for the fun stuff. It
was easier to come out here to clean off than . . . ." I held my hand up
letting him know I didn't need to hear anymore. Even David was laughing."Hey, Dad," Mike called out, "remember, we gotta go do some quick
shopping."The reminder was 'teenager' for 'we need money'. * * * *After the boys swallowed their breakfast, it didn't take long for them to
get dressed and reappear. They didn't say anything, they didn't need to
when they hung around so close I kept having to walk around them. David
kept watching the boys and I knew someone was going to blow the secret if I
didn't run the boys out. Finally, it was time for the mall to open so I
gave them fifty dollars and none nude little
told them to get lost. Mike protested that
fifty probably wasn't enough, so I gave them their allowances and said they
could all chip in.With the boys out of the way, the clean up and beginning preparations for
the little girls jerk
afternoon moved much more quickly, and smoothly. While David finished
the cleanup, I began the afternoon preparations. One of my favorite foods
is English cut ribs cooked slow, real slow, on the grill. They also happen
to be one of the simplest entrees to prepare. I simply place a couple of
racks of ribs on foil, smother them with barbeque sauce and teriyaki, with
a light sprinkling of brown sugar, seal the foil and place them over a low
flame for incest little sun
about three hours. little incest galleries
While the ribs do a slow cook, it's easy to
add mushrooms, corn on the cob, or any other veggies you may want.While I was busy with the grill, David made himself busy inocent little pussy
with casserole
dishes that included baked beans and green beans almandine. No cookout is
complete without chips, slaw, garlic bread, and the usual pickle tray. It
may sound like a lot, but only took us about thirty minutes to get the
basic prep work completed, and the boys were still not home. We looked at
the clock and knew we had a little over three hours before anyone was to
arrive. This little children sex
was our time."Well, the boys have horney little girls
already tried out the pool and I didn't hear any
complaints," I commented. "Want to see how the heater works?""We better," David answered, smiling. "If I know the boys we probably won't
have any more private time in the pool the rest of the weekend."After double checking the preparations, we literally ran out to the pool.
As I approached the edge, I suddenly felt two hands on the small of my back
and I was thrust forward. I didn't fight it; I didn't try to grab him. I
just went with the flow and waited for him to join me. When I came up, he
was about to dirty little boys
hit the water. I took a deep breath and dropped back down.
It was easy to grab the dangling anchor and pull him down. It was funny to
watch him kick until I was ready to little 13y gallery
let go."Hey," he hollered as we broke the surface, "that doesn't grow back if you
pull it off, ya know!""I wasn't trying to pull it off. I just wanted to make sure I got what was
attached," I answered as I pulled him into my arms for a gentle kiss.Rolling onto my back, I pulled him along with me as we swam to the side.
Maneuvering to the bench along the side, I sat down. David turned and
spooned his back into me as I nuzzled his neck. Even in the pool I
marveled at his scent and the youthful mixed little thai
feelings of soft skin over
firm muscle. I couldn't help it; I rubbed my nose all through his hair as
my hands traveled up and down his sides. Holding him like this was heaven
to me; I didn't need to do anymore. But that was me, not David.He leaned back into me as I nibbled his ear and teased his nipples. David
had the most sensitive nipples and I always enjoyed playing with them.
With a little nickel ads
slight rub here and there, accentuated with a little pinching and
pulling, David would begin to squirm. When he squirmed, he was sitting
right on top my manhood and I began to take deep breaths. He turned to
face me, little girld fucked
straddling my lap."For an old man, cute little sayings
you sure do get horny." He grinned, and then, "OUCH!" I
pinched and little sexy girls
twisted two youthful nipples."Careful who you call old, boy. This old man could still show you a thing
or two.""Promises, promises," he teased back. "Want me to show you a nice lap
dance?"Without waiting for an answer, he began to squirm around in my lap. With
his left hand he reached down and held my member as he slowly rocked back
and forth, rubbing little fresh girls
my head over his sensitive spot. hot little breasts
He took a deep breath
and moaned. Lifting him a little gave him more room to tease himself, and
gave me better access to his neck and nipples. Placing my hands at the
bottom of his rib cage, I pushed him back. With his back arched, I tongue
bathed his nipples, pausing occasionally to nibble them. God! He tasted so
good.I was hard. As hard as I possibly could be; he no longer needed to hold my
member nude little asians
and guide it to his pleasure spot. He sat at the right height to
keep the head in place as he continued to pleasure himself and tease me.
With both hands free, he placed them on my shoulders, holding himself so
that I could continue to savor his body, and I did.Holding him there, not wanting him to move, I tongued nonude little boys
and nibbled my way up
one side and down the other, crossing his firm chest, pausing momentarily
to rub his puffy nipples along the outline of my lips. I didn't feel his
hand leave teens little petit
my shoulder, but it did. He shifted slightly and then,
suddenly, he fell down."AAAHHHH! . . .OOOHHHHHH GAAAHHHDDD!" he cried out as he threw his head
back and took two deep breaths. In one quick move he had impaled himself
on me.At first, it frightened me. I thought he might have hurt himself. After
releasing his second deep breath he looked at me. His eyes were filled with
a crazed lust as he attacked my neck and branded me. His lips never left
me as he kissed and suckled all around my neck and head. I felt his
fingers playing inside my ear canal. Grabbing a fistful grandpas little girlporn
of hair, Wearelittlestars archive
he pulled
my head back and kissed me. It wasn't a gentle kiss. It was a kiss
demanding passion and boy little tgp
animal sex. All the while, his hips never stopped
their undulating motion as he continued his lap dance.As he rode me, he little boy sexy
humped himself into my abdomen. I sat there, letting him
have his way. Normally, I was the one to little mermaid cartoon
be dominant over him. This time
he demanded his turn, and he took it; little cuties pix
and I loved it. As he nibbled and
sucked my neck, I ran my fingernails up and down his side and back. When I
felt his nipples, I grabbed them and tried to not let go. He whimpered and
cried like a puppy in heat, I moaned and grunted like an animal in need.
Like the many times before, whether gentle or lust filled, raw sex, it
always comes to an end. When we exploded, it was a mighty explosion as his
cum gushed between us and washed around the pool. My cum filled his very
being."Jesus! You two need a room."David and I turned, shocked. There stood Frank, Eric and Sean, grinning
like Cheshire cats, two of them blushing crimson. It was Frank, naturally,
that had made the comment."Don't you boys know it's not polite to stare at people sometimes?" I
asked, trying to sound irritated, but almost too winded."Mr. G, we didn't mean to," Sean plead. "When we walked in it was right at
the end and I never saw or heard two people sound so caught up in a orgasm.
It was awesome!" Suddenly, Sean realized what he had just said and turned
a darker shade of crimson, if that was possible. "Oh my God! Mr G, I'm
sorry, please . . .I didn't . . .I mean . . .""Sean." I tried to get his attention. "Slow down, son. Everybody in this
house knows what goes on and we aren't going to become prudes at this
point.""Yeah, but Dad!" Frank interjected. "You expect us to swim in that pool
now?""Seems to me this morning there were six boys swimming naked in this pool.
Those same six boys pretty much said in little summer pics
plain language they had sex before
coming out here. If I'm not mistaken I would be willing to bet at least
two of those boys had gotten their littles teens modles
butts filled by at least two other boys
and used the pool for a good flushing. Anyone care to imagefap girls little
argue?" All three
boys now looked sheepish."Where's Mike and the twins?""Well, when we came in and saw what you two was doin', Mike and the twins
nearly creamed their pants. My guess is theyre in the bedroom creamin',
just not their pants." Frank finished with a grin. David and I just
rolled our heads back and laughed. little kids ass
little cuties sample
* * * *
Mother and Bonnie arrived around twelve thirty with Billy Raulerson right
behind them. This was little tinny pussy
supposed to be a mostly family affair, but since I
had Billy's twin nephews as guests I thought we might as well ask Billy to
join us. He knew me when I was small, was a good friend of my parents, and
he was helping me with Michael's muscle posing program. Mother and Bonnie
brought some more food and Billy brought wine.The boys were good after the little session with us by the pool and quickly
traded jeans and t-shirts for board shorts. I little hairy girls
didn't insist on them
wearing a shirt around their grandmother since I littles hentai
knew they would be in and
out of the pool. What surprised me a little was that Mother and Bonnie
brought their suits, also. Mother was known to be a good swimmer and I was
always told she was a good diver, although I couldn't remember having ever
seen her dive.As usual, Mother managed to show us that the rumors were true. She didn't
do anything fancy, but when she dove, she cut the water like a sharp knife
into warm butter. It was amazing how effortlessly she could swim, also.
The boys, always ready for a little rough housing around the water, stood
and watched very respectfully. When they tried diving the way Mother did,
she had the patience of Job, giving them pointers and watching the looks of
satisfaction on the boys' faces when they accomplished something new.There was lots jp little idol
of admiring the new landscaping and the changes we had made
to the house, but you can only do so much of that type of thing,
particularly with six hungry teenage boys. When I announced that the food
was being laid out buffet style, the boys, without being told, excused
themselves, returning fairly quickly wearing dry shirts. I was pleased
that they had not totally reverted to being heathens.During our meal, Michael was quite animated at explaining to his
grandmother that he was working with the twins at body building and hoped
to be able to compete in the teen category one day. Mother gave him a
compliment about how she thought he looked very muscular, and masculine,
now, and asked why he couldn't compete now. Then she thought to ask how
they competed? Michael promptly stood, removed his shirt, and hit a few
poses, much to Mother's amusement. However, she did make sure little russians fucking
that she did
nothing to embarrass him or discourage him. She passed on wanting to know
what they wore to pose in; something I was thankful for at the moment.
Mike also little japanes girl
announced they might attend a show in a couple of weeks."Mike, if you're talking about the show in Orlando, it's held at the hotel
I'm working at. I little petite gallery
understand they do this show every year," David
commented."Really?" Mike was now excited, everyone else amused. "So, you've seen
'em do a show? What's it like?""I've taylor little hardcore
only seen one show, Mike, but I can tell you it's interesting. These
guys, and teens, are very serious about their body building. When they
pose, the idea is to show russian little thumb
off muscular development in a little porno boys
way that's
entertaining. Most of them have music and a choreographed show.""He's right, Mike," Billy interrupted. "This is the show I lingerie little child
said I wanted
to take you boys to so you can see what happens and how the contests work.
Still interested?""You bet," Michael answered without pausing. "We can go, can't we, Dad?""If you like, I can make reservations for you. If I do the reservations,
you can get them at a substantial discount," David offered."Cool," three boys responded in unison.As we finished eating, the boys managed to excuse themselves on the pretext
of washing their hands. They were actually sneaking out to the cars to
bring in the surprises. Frank and Sean walked in carrying a cake. I little kiddies
even surprised when I saw it. Mother had baked sheet cakes and then
assembled them like layer cakes. The cakes were white with banana pudding
filler between layers. White icing covered the top and sides. Also along
the sides and edge of the top was shredded cute little redhead
coconut. On top it read 'Happy
Birthday, David' and there were three candles sitting in two opposing
corners. The other boys followed with presents. David was caught totally
off guard and the look on his face was priceless.David was almost in tears and I knew why. He had told me that since being
abandoned by his family and cared for by his mentor, he never had a real
birthday party with the cake and presents, and family, since his mid-teen
years. We wanted to change all that. I knew when the boys went to the
mall that morning, they were picking up a present for David; I didn't know
what.I gave him a ring with his birthstone flanked by a couple of diamonds. It
wasn't anything gaudy by any means. It was a little girl sucking
little conservative, intended
that way for taste. The boys gave him a leather thong necklace, very
similar to the ones they wore for casual wear. I think it was their way of
telling him that he was accepted as part of the group, not that he needed
to be told. I watched the boys' faces as he opened the package and noted
they whispered among themselves. Something else was up. I knew my
curiosity would be satisfied at some point.Mother handed David an envelope that was, obviously, a card. When he
opened it, there were two tickets inside for Cirque du Soleil, one of my
favorite shows. I just assumed one of the my little lesbian
little angels ls
tickets was meant for me."David, Cirque du Soleil is one of Richard's favorite shows and, we hope
you will enjoy it also," Mother commented as soon little tops nude
as David pulled the
tickets out for little sluts russia
everyone to see. "Bonnie and I thought the two of you
might appreciate being able to go someplace where you could just
concentrate on littles girls foto
the two of you. Therefore, later tonight, the boys will be
coming over to my house to spend the evening. Tomorrow, we will all go to
the club and the boys can enjoy their little skimming boards. The plan is
to stay there most of the day, and the two of you could join us little girls links
for dinner
after the show.""Mrs. G." David had to choke back a tear. "That is nice, very nice. Thank
you." David didn't say any more as he discreetly leaned into me. The
emotion in his voice was genuine.We sat around talking for a little while longer. Naturally, Mike and the
twins moved back to talking about the upcoming contest and kept trying to
get more information from David about what had gone on at the contests in
the past. David kept having to remind them that he had little childs nonnude
only seen one
competition and there weren't any teens in that one. He had seen the file,
knew about the upcoming schedule, and noticed there was a teenz little tgp
teen little russian nymph
category for
this contest. David did tell the boys that some of the employees who were
around during the contests commented on how good looking the teens were
with their defined muscles and tans. There were also a little girls wrestling
few comments about
what the boys wore, or, more accurately, how little they wore.When the subject matter little tykes toybox
kept focusing on the body building contest and what
went on, Mother decided it was time for her to leave. She made sure the
boys knew to be at her house by seven thirty and they could bring a movie.
She would prepare a light meal or snack so they didn't pass out from
starvation. Billy Raulerson agreed to let his nephews stay with the boys
at Mother's and he would pick them up at the club the next day; he was also
expected to join us for dinner.After all the hugs and admonishments for the boys to behave themselves,
admonishments that everyone probably knew were a waste, Billy, Bonnie and
Mother left. I walked them to the door and then outside. As we walked
through the door, the boys began little sisters naked
to move back into the house. I had a
feeling that the something that I knew was up was about to happen. Not
worrying about it, David and I stood outside making plans to meet everyone
the next day. While we talked, Frank stuck his head out the door and
called to David. Mother told him to head back inside; she was sure it was
something at least the boys thought was important.Mother and I talked a few minutes, mostly about Michael. I still had some
reservations about this body building thing. My concerns centered mostly
around Mike exercising enough self-discipline to not take on more weight
than his body could properly handle. As a teenager, he thought he was
almost grown and trying to convince him that his body was still growing and
there was still a degree of sexgalleries little childern
softness to the bones and joints was like
talking to a brick wall. Mother little cp nude
reminded me that part of being a teenager
was believing the parental generation was too conservative and overly
protective. Besides, everyone knew that parents had no way of
understanding how their kids little pantyhose girls
felt or thought. If that wasn't enough, I was
reminded of a couple of examples.My second concern was for his safety, but I couldn't really discuss the
reasons with Mother. Michael was nasty little girl
a good looking kid. He had a body most
boys would die for and the kind that certain types of adults would commit a
felony over. This issue was compounded by Mike's innate trust of every
person around him. He saw no reason why anyone would ever want to do him
harm. He thought the idea that someone might want to jump sweet little cunts
his bones and
rape his little bubble butt was confirmation of his working little lupe fuck
out to improve
his body. Besides, ask him and he had no trouble telling you that he had a
very cute and talented ass and if someone did try to rape him, it would be
the best piece of ass they ever had. hairless little pussies
Yeah, I could really see me trying to
discuss this with my mother.While we talked, I helped Mother put everything in her car. She had left
the silver tray with the cake which was so big it would take a week for the
boys to finish it. She didn't mind leaving the tray, but the cake server
was something else. The server was part of a silver service she and Dad
had received as a wedding gift. Such items were rarely let out of her
sight."I'll run in and get it for you real quick. Don't worry," I told her.When I walked inside, I stopped dead in my tracks. little girls sexpics
While I was outside
talking to mother and making plans for the next day, six boys had removed
their shorts and now pranced around in matching white thongs. In the
middle of all this was David, also in a white thong. I just took a few
steps forward and stood behind Frank who was doing a few suggestive
gyrations. Now I knew what they had been planning. The boys had purchased
a white little tennie titties
thong for David. Thank God they had enough couth to not give it to
him while Mother and Bonnie were here.That's when the second surprise hit me.Mother had followed me into the house. Since she stood barely over five
feet, no one saw her behind me. I didn't know little bunny foo
she was there until I felt
her hand on my side, pushing me away. She reached out and, using her
fingernails, tickled Frank's buns."Nice tush. It's been a long time since I had the chance to tickle it,"
she commented quietly to a stunned boy."AAAAHHHH! GRANDMA!! Your not s'posed ta be here!" Frank cried out as he
turned and tried to hide behind the others.Naturally, the other boys did not cooperate with Frank and wouldn't let him
hide behind them. It wouldn't have done any good anyway given that all of
them were wearing little boys masturbe
the same thongs. If it was possible for anyone to get
sunburned from blushing, Frank was about little red ridinghood
to let us know. Of course, he was
quickly joined by all of the other boys, including David.Mother unabashedly looked at David and smiled. I think he was a little
confused, as well as feeling embarrassed, and wasn't sure what to do. He
quickly looked around for something, I presume to cover himself, but there
was nothing available. He recovered beautifully when he just smiled at
Mother. Mother looked at him from head to toe and simply said,"Nice tan.""Thank you," he answered pleasantly, still smiling.Mother located her dirty little secreat
cake server, retrieved it, and headed for the door."Grandma, wait," Michael called out. "You don't understand. These are our
posing outfits for the contests. You see, we . . .""Mike," I interrupted, "quit while you just might still be ahead, son."The other boys snickered. Mother leaned towards me as she headed back out
the door."You really do have your hands full, don't you?"If she only knew.
End Ch Thirty-EightTo Be ContinuedComments welcome: contact Dwight Wilson at adm2780yahoo.com little tikes vanity